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the music playing in the reloaded player was recorded by

Peter Hinz (DE)Percussion, Vocals
Shyam Rastogi (IN)Sitar
Sandip Rao Kewale (IN) Tabla
Keshava Rao Nayak
(IN) Tabla
Jonathan Sell (DE) Electric Bass
Steffen Dix (DE)Tenor & Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet and Modular Sounds

special guests:

MD Pallavi Arun (IN)Vocal
Güldeste Mamac (TR)  – Violine
Ephraim Gipen (DE)Guitar

technical team:

Nicola Pisanti (IT) creative coder and reloaded player developer 
Antonio Pipolo (IT)Visual/Web and reloaded player designer
Steffen Dix (DE)Sound design and mix for the reloaded player

NeckarGangamanagement & realisation
Peter Hinzconcept & idea


We like to thank Kulturstiftung des Bundes” – Reload for funding this project!

Also for a ten-year friendship and ongoing fruitful cooperation we would like to thank

and of course all our friends and families for their love and support

especially Georgia for her tears of joy the first time we listened to the player.






Here a brief user manual for the reloaded music player

moon - dark tone

sun - lighter tone

sun/moon - shifting moods

with rhythm

without rhythm

this player does NOT play pre produced songs. It combines our musical ideas at random and in the moment

What mood are you in? click on one of the symbols to find out

Close this pop-up, select a symbol and give the player time to take you on its endless, unexpected musical journey

Every click generates a new combination so you will have your personal listening experience

Feel free to explore this website and discover how we have made this system work

We hope you enjoy our digital jam session!

connect to headphones /speakers for a better sound quality

unfortunately this player is not compatible with Safari

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